We help CEOs and senior executives deliver on their promises for more revenue, more profit and faster growth.  

With over 75 years combined experience in sales, marketing, product management and operations at great companies like SAP, Accenture, Sage, Minolta and Ingram Micro, we’ve built and grown amazing teams of ‘A’ players who regularly blow away their goals.  We learned under fire what works and doesn’t work in a variety of situations and our practical tools and shortcuts will help you close the gap between your team’s great ‘potential’ and great real-world results.

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Sales OnDemand(tm)

Our four partners have collectively closed over $1B in revenue over the last 10 years. We tap into this experience to dial in the right balance of culture, quotas, channels, people and tools to empower your team to over-achieve their goals on a regular basis.

  • Sales Model:  Are you maximizing your sales efforts or are you missing opportunities? How are your pipeline metrics and how can you improve sales performance? We examine how you sell and why your customers buy and tailor your sales model to fit your culture. We can develop and execute sales plans, identify and implement new channels of distribution and provide a fresh perspective to current sales issues and opportunities.

  • People: How is your team performing? What would happen if you lost your top-rep tomorrow? Sales teams won’t rise to the occasion; they will default to their level of their training. We are experts at hiring, training and maximizing the talents of your people. We will put the right people in the right seat and then give them the right sales tools to succeed in your culture and your sales model.

  • Process: Do you have a process to make buying from your easy and easy for your team to scale? Developing, managing and engaging the right sales process for your business is key to a winning organization and repeatable business. We can implement sales best practices and create new programs like volume or corporate licensing programs to facilitate new revenue streams.

  • Technology: Is your CRM not giving you the right reports? Are the tools your sales teams are using giving them an edge, or are they making them give redundant information? Your sales team needs simple, effective tools they will want to use every day.  We relentlessly simplify to ensure your technology solves real pain and works across all your departments.  From CRM systems to web meetings to expense reports we find the right balance between information and easy.

  • Leadership: Do your sales leaders need a wing-man to help them build a winning sales team? Do you have gaps in your go-to-market team that needs filling? You need an active leader to mentor, cajole, correct and inspire your team on a daily basis.  We know what makes sales teams tick and we know how to makes sales happen. We can also complement sales staffs to give your team extra resources to execute upon sales initiatives.  

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Marketing OnDemand(tm)

Our proven method for defining target markets, positioning products, establishing core (reusable) messaging and generating high-quality leads will ignite your growth.

  • Marketing Road Map:  Do you have a clear understanding and plan for the foundation of a Marketing Road Map; target market, product positioning, content/collateral and demand generation. Is it integrated? Is it within your budget? Is it executable? We help you find the right balance between creativity, discipline and ease of implementation– and we design the marketing road map with sales in mind.

  • Product Positioning: Do the capabilities of your products map to the needs of your customers? Is your message consistent across collateral, website and sales presentations? We position products to clearly articulate their unique and relevant advantages Vs. the competition. This is ‘core messaging’ and it becomes the foundation for all your customer touch-points – website, brochures, trade shows, case studies and most importantly, sales conversations.

  • Target Markets: Chances are, you don’t have the people, equipment and budget to go fishing in a big pond. The only practical answer is to relentlessly focus on the prospects who for whom your unique value proposition is the most compelling.  We help you find that sweet spot where you can find customers without breaking the bank.

  • Sales Collateral:  Are you tapping the power of a consistent and compelling message?  Are your salespeople creating one-offs for every customer engagement? Does your website feel dated?  Our structured approach to creating content is fast, consistent and incredibly effective because we cut the clutter and focus on the things that are most important to customers and partners.
  • Demand-Gen:  Is your marketing machine producing enough viable, qualified and close-able leads?  We aspire to feed each prospect exactly the information they need to progress through each stage of the sales cycle.  We apply a rigorous, measurable process for aligning messaging to potential roadblocks.  The stumbling blocks that a first-time visitor to your site experiences are likely very different than the objections of a fully engaged prospect.  By anticipating and eliminating friction, we can dramatically speed up your sales cycle so the output is more/better leads.

  • Social Media, Search, PR: Are you making the most out of today’s rapidly changing social marketing tools? At times the pace of change can be overwhelming and it can be incredibly difficult to translate ideas into tangible action. We help you develop a flexible, practical plan that will streamline your efforts and leverage your core messaging with consistency, repetition.

  • Channel Marketing and Promotions: Are your channel partners struggling with the messaging and tools you are providing? Are your channel promotions not working? We can fine tune your channel messaging and align it with your partner sales tools.  We will guide you through creating and launching compelling channel promotions that tie-in and compliment your messaging.  A good program creates awareness.  A great program captures sales!


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Operations OnDemand(tm)

We implement what works and what you need to run your organization and give you that operational competitive advantage. Our tools for forecasting, commission, pipeline management, CRM, are practical, accurate and easy to learn. We deliver the analytical horsepower you need to understand your business in real time.

  • Define reporting requirements: Are you getting the right information at the right time to make good decisions? Is reporting an Ad-hoc exercise? We know what KPI’s are needed to run a successful business and we know how to get to that information.

  • Develop compensation plans: Are your salespeople being rewarded for the right behaviors and results? Are you struggling with how to compensate direct versus indirect teams? We build compensation plans that align your salespeople directly with your objectives. One size does not fit all and we have the expertise to build exact plans to reward your teams sales efforts.  We customize leading sales force performance plans and tie them into your CRM to reduce manual processes and automate real-time reporting. 

  • Produce sales forecasts and pipeline projections: Do you have confidence in your current forecast?  Is there too much “hope” in your pipeline? We act as an honest broker to find the right balance between the (often optimistic) expectations of senior leaders and the (often too conservative) forecast from yout sales team. We have completed literally hundreds of forecasts for companies of all sizes and we can build you a robust forecast process that you can rely on.  

  • Deploy pricing, licensing and transaction systems:  Is it easy for your customers and partners to buy your products where they want, when they want and how they want?  If not, you’re missing sales.  We develop pricing and fulfillment processes for both direct and channel customers that streamline transactions.

  • Align CRM systems with sales initiatives: Are your salespeople really using CRM to help them manage their pipeline and close deals?  Is it easy to use? Our team has a deep background in CRM and we are fluent in, SalesLogix, Sugar, ACT! and many others.  We can refine your current CRM system or help manage the process of building a new one.